開会の辞 青田昌秋 (オホーツク海氷海研究グループ会長)


Sea ice studies - A critical topic for marine research:
    V. Alexander (Univ. of Alaska, USA)


座長:永田 豊(海洋情報研究センター)

A-1 Satellite observation of sea ice drift in the Sea of Okhotsk:
    榎本 浩之,熊野 隆史(北見工業大学),舘山 一孝(北海道大学)
A-2 Evaluation of the thin sea ice thickness estimated by surface heat balance, dynamic model and satellite remote sensing:
    舘山 一孝,白澤 邦男(北海道大学),榎本 浩之(北見工業大学), 松沢 孝俊(東京大学)
A-3 DMSP (Defense meteorological satellite program) SSM/I (Special sensor microwave/Imager) data utilization in Japan Meteorological Agency:
    片山 恭男,松本 隆則,金子 秀毅(気象庁)
A-4 On the frequency spectrum of sea ice velocity:
    M. Leppäranta (Univ. of Helsinki, Finland) and W. D. Hibler (Univ. of Alaska, USA)
A-5 Seasonal variability of the temperature transitional water of the Okhotsk Sea:
    I.A. Zigalov (Pacific Res. Fisheries Center, Russia)
A-6 Forerunner of the Tsugaru Current:
    永田 豊,小熊 幸子,鈴木 亨(海洋情報研究センター),野澤 清志(岩手県庁)


座長:小野 延雄 (日本雪氷学会)

B-1 Modelling of superimposed ice formation and sub-surface melting in the Baltic Sea:
    B. Cheng, T. Vihma and J. Launianen (Finnish Inst. of Marine Res., Finland)
B-2 Arctic and Baltic Sea ice variations related to atmospheric forcing:
    J. Launiainen, P. Alenius, M. Lahtinen (Finnish Inst. of Marine Res., Finland) and
    N. Rayner (Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction & Res., UK)
B-3 Ocean-ice coupled simulation considering strong tides in the Sea of Okhotsk:
    佐川 玄輝(地球シミュレータセンター),山口 一,松沢 孝俊,段 烽軍, 小村 隆士(東京大学)
B-4 Interaction between sea ice area and SST around Sea of Okhotsk:
    段 烽軍,山口 一(東京大学),佐川 玄輝(地球シミュレータセンター),小村 隆士(東京大学)
B-5 Measurement of the air-ice drag coefficient in the southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk:
    二ツ寺 暁郎,山口 一,松沢 孝俊,宮永 大(東京大学)
B–6 Abrasion effect of ice cover on supports of hydraulic engineering structures in conditions of Sakhalin Island shelf:
    A. T. Bekker, V. Seliverstov, V. Lioubimov, T. E. Uvarova and, S. D. Kim (Far Eastern State Technical Univ., Russia)


座長:M. Leppäranta (ヘルシンキ大学)

C-1 On the variation of ice and snow thickness of the summer land-fast ice in Lützow-Holm Bay, Antarctica:
    宇都 正太郎,下田 春人,泉山 耕(海上技術安全研究所)
C-2 The seasonal change of sea level at Syowa Station, Antarctica for the period of 1981-2000:
    館岡 篤志,道田 豊(東京大学),木下 秀樹,並木 正治,小田巻 実(海上保安庁)
C-3 Seasonal change of the surface circulation in the Alaskan gyre observed with surface drifters:
    道田 豊(東京大学),寄高 博行(海上保安庁)


座長:榎本 浩之 (北見工業大学)

D-1 Experimental study of snow effect on sea ice growth and melt processes:
    小嶋 真輔,榎本 浩之(北見工業大学)
D-2 Current-swept sedimentary facies controlled by the Soya Current around the Soya Strait:
    池原 研(産業技術総合研究所)
D-3 Submarine environmental changes during the last 3200 years in the southwestern Okhotsk Sea:
    小森 次郎, 福澤 仁之(東京都立大学大学),池原 研,板木 拓也(産業技術総合研究所),吉本 直一(熊本大学)
D-4 A comparative study of ice scour-seabed interaction models:
    K. Choi and J. Lee (Korea Maritime Univ., Korea)

座長:成田 秀明

D-5 Survey of dissolved methane concentrations in the Sea of Okhotsk:
    佐々木 正史,遠藤 登,大仁田 敬,塚原 栄二,平岡 亜弥子(北見工業大学),舘山 一孝(北海道大学)
D-6 Acoustic, geochemical and sea floor evidence for recent methane emission activity in the Sea of Okhotsk - New results
  from the KOMEX - LV29 cruise in 2002:
    N. Biebow (Tethys Geoconsulting GmbH, Germany), A. Obzhirov, A. Salyuk,
    A. Salomatin (Pacific Oceanological Inst., Russia), G. Aloisi and
    K. Wallmann (GEOMAR Res. Center of Marine Geosciences, Germany)
D-7 10 years of progress in real-time ice monitoring:
    K. Strübing (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany, Germany)


座長:田口哲 (創価大学)

E-1 Spatial and temporal distributions of bentho-planktonic fauna in a nearshore zone of Mombetsu, the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk:
    樋渡 武彦,牧 秀明,木幡 邦男(国立環境研究所),永田 隆一(オホーツク流氷科学研究所),須田 有輔(水産大学校),
    濱岡 荘司(紋別市役所),渡辺 正孝(国立環境研究所)
E-2 Ichthyofauna in the surf zone of reflective sandy beach at Mombetsu:
    須田 有輔(水産大学校),牧 秀明,木幡 邦男(国立環境研究所),
永田 隆一(オホーツク流氷科学研究所),樋渡 武彦(国立環境研究所),
    濱岡 荘司(紋別市役所),渡辺 正孝(国立環境研究所)
E-3 Consistent role of surface mixed layer in variability in primary production, the Southern Ocean:
    山本 真也,大井 信明,S. Leong,田口 哲(創価大学)

座長:渡邉 研太郎 (国立極地研究所)

E-4 Preliminary notes on the sea ice biota in the Arctic in summer 2001:
    J. Ikävalko (Finnish Inst. of Marine Res., Finland) and T. Roine (Univ. of Helsinki, Finland)
E-5 Relationship between primary productivity in the retreat period of sea ice and artificial salmon propagation in the Okhotsk coastal area of Hokkaido:
    清水 幾太郎(さけ・ます資源管理センター)
E-6 Field experiments of an under-ice marine observation system employing AUV in Mombetsu Port:
    渡邉 研太郎,牛尾 収輝(国立極地研究所),深町 康(北海道大学),中根 健志,門元 之郎、小原 敬史(三井造船),
    小島 淳一(KDDI研究所),白崎 勇一(東京大学),浅井 輝之,手塚 賢(国際ケーブル・シップ),浜岡 荘司(紋別市役所),
    福地 光男(国立極地研究所)
E-7 The change of the kinds of the bait fish given to the pup of the spotted seal (Phoca largha) under the protection:
    原 聡美,廣崎 芳次(野生水族繁殖センター)


座長:大塚 夏彦(北日本港湾コンサルタント)

F-1 Crude oil bioremediation field experiment in the Sea of Okhotsk:
    牧 秀明,樋渡 武彦,木幡 邦男,渡辺 正孝(国立環境研究所)
F-2 Vertical pressure exerted by stamukhas to the ground:
    S. V. Astafiev, G. A. Surkov and A. M. Polomoshnov(Sakhalin Oil Gas Inst., Russia)
F-3 Preventive measure against freezing within a fishing port:
    植田 知行,横山 茂,佐伯 浩(北海道大学)
F-4 Formation of oil-ice sandwich:
    泉山 耕,宇都 正太郎(海上技術安全研究所)
F-5 Consideration of oil/water interfacial tension for numerical simulation of oil spill under ice cover:
    金野 祥久(工学院大学),堺 茂樹(岩手大学),泉山 耕(海上技術安全研究所),河原崎 賢(工学院大学)

座長:山口 一(東京大学)

F-6 Oil spill scenario in the Sea of Okhotsk: 座長:山口 一(東京大学)
    金編 康平,近藤 浩文(北海道大学),大塚 夏彦,戸松 真介(北日本港湾コンサルタント),佐伯 浩(北海道大学)
F-7 Field experiment of recovery for spilled oil:
    高橋 伸次郎, 吉田 稔 (西村組), 金編 康平, 近藤 浩文 (北海道大学), 大塚 夏彦(北日本港湾コンサルタント), 佐伯 浩 (北海道大学)
F-8 Experimental study on the shear strength of the unconsolidated layer mode of ice ridge:
    松尾 優子, S. Kochkin, 横山 茂, 近藤 浩文 (北海道大学), 木岡 信治 (北海道開発土木研究所), 佐伯 浩 (北海道大学)

座長:白澤 邦男(北海道大学)

F-9 Estimation of the number of stamukhas interactions over pipeline routes:
    S. V. Astafiev and G. A. Surkov (Sakhalin Oil Gas Inst., Russia)
F-10 The modern state of the Russian far eastern feul-power market:
    V. A. Polomoshnova (Russian State Univ. of Oil & Gas, Russia) and Y. V. Schukin (Sakhalin Oil & Gas Inst., Russia)
F-11 Sakhalin 1, Project – further development:
    A. Kryazhkov (Russian State Univ. of Oil & Gas, Russia)

 Poster Session

P-1 Complex approach to biogeographic zoning of Far Eastern Seas:
    A.A. Bobkov (Saint Petersburg State Univ., Russia) and K.M. Petrov (Dept. of Biogeography and Environment Protection, Russia)
P-2 Features of surface circulation in the Aniva Bay and surrounding waters as seen by ERS synthetic aperture radar:
    L.M. Mitnik and V.A. Dubina (V.I.II'ichev Pacific Oceanological Inst., Russia)
P-3 Long-term direct measurements of currents on the southwestern shelf of Sakhalin Island:
    V. Chstikov, G. Kantakov, G. Shevchenko (Sakhalin Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia) and
    O. Sedaeva (Inst. of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Russia)
P-4 Features of sea-ice drift velocities, induced by the wind on the northeastern shelf of Sakhalin Island:
    V. Tambovsky (Environmental Company of Sakhalin, Russia), E. Tikhonchuk and
    G. Shevchenko (Inst. of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Russia)
P-5 Shaping of unity of an ice cover:
    A.N. Chetyrbotsky and V.V. Plotnikov
P-6 Thermal ice ridge (OMIWATARI) growth in Lake Kussharo in the latter half of the freezing season:
    A. Toukairin (Hokkaido Univ. of Education)
P-7 Research of ice strength properties in condition of constrained cross-section deformations:
    A.D. Istomin and S.1.Rogachko (Moscow State Univ. of Civil Engineering, Russia)
P-8 Reliability-based burial requirements for offshore pipelines:
    V. Friedmann (Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Russia), R. Peek (Shell International Exploration and Production, Netherlands)
    and P. Truskov (Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Russia)
P-9 Russian SNiP 2.06.04-82 and western global ice pressures –A comparison:
    D. Masteron (Sandwell Engineering Inc., Russia), K. Kouzmitchev (VNIPPI, Russia) and J. de Waal (Sakhalin Energy Inc., Russia)
P-10 Structure of zooplankton community in shelf waters of east Sakhalin (the results summer researches of a 2000):
    N.I. Alekseevna (Sakhalin Res. Inst. of Marine Fishery & Oceanography, Russia)
P-11 Intramural and seasonal variability of zooplankton in waters around Sakhalin during 1987-1999:
    I.V. Bragina (Sakhalin Res. Inst. of Marine Fishery & Oceanography, Russia)
P-12 The Results of first under-ice series of zooplankton sampling using McLane autonomous zooplankton sampler in the Okhotsk Sea, 2000- 2001:
    I.V. Bragina and G.A. Kantakov (Sakhalin Res. Inst. of Marine Fishery & Oceanography, Russia)
P-13 Spring zooplankton of the northeast shelf of Sakhalin from1998 to 2002 year:
    I.B. Piskunov (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)
P-14 Autumnal distribution of ichthyoplankton over northeastern Sakhalin shelf:
    O.Moukhametova (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)
P-15 Seasonal and Interannual redistribution of zooplankton communities between Sea of Okhotsk and Sea of Japan:
    I.V. Bragina and G.A. Kantakov (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)
P-16 The phytoplankton of a northeast shelf of Sakhalin in September, 2001:
M.I. Victorovna, K.N. Vladimirovna and M.T. Alexandrovna (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fish. & Ocean., Russia)
P-17 Characteristic of benthos of the Okhotsk Sea shelf zone along the northeastern Sakhalin:
V.S. Labay and N.V. Pecheneva (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)
P-18 Some additions to the characteristic of the macro benthos a shelf zone of the Okhotsk Sea near the northeastern Sakhalin:
V.S. Labay and N.V. Pecheneva (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)
P-19 Microbial pothetial hydrocarbon-oxidizing activity in the Arctic and Antarctic marine environments during hydrological winter:
V.V. Ilinskiy (Moscow State Lomonosov Univ., Russia)
P-20 Role of the ice cover information bacterioplankton communities the Russian Arctic Seas:
S.I. Bardan (Murmansk Marine Biological Inst., Russia)
P-21 The role of the ice on developmental features of bacterial community in natural conditions of' “Ultratennostat” in the Imandar Lake (Kola Peninsula):
    S.I. Bardan (Murmansk Marine Biological Inst., Russia), I. E. Mishustina (Moscow State Univ., Russia) and
    V.A. Baitaz (Murmansk Marine Biological,. Russia)
P-22 Peculiarity feeding of pollock (Theragra halcogramma) in shelf waters northeastern Sakhalin:
    N.I. Alekseevna (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)
P-23 Conditions walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma in a southern part of Sea of Okhotsk:
    L. M. Zverkova (VNIRO, Russia), D.V. Baginskij and V. N. Chastikov (Sakhalin Scientific Res. Inst. of Fishery and Oceanography, Russia)

 氷海の民シンポジウム   漁 業

司会:千葉 玲一(北の文化シンポジウム実行委員会)

    田島 佳也(神奈川大学)
    福士 廣志(留萌市海のふるさと館)

 公開講座 オホーツク〜ふるさとの海    


    嶋田 宏(北海道立中央水産試験場)
    阪本 正博(北海道立網走水産試験場)

Measures against oil spill in the Sea of Okhotsk

司会:北川 弘光 (シップアンドオーシャン財団), 青田 昌秋(オホーツク流氷科学センター), 大塚 夏彦 (北日本港湾コンサルタント)

・海外の情勢,事例と課題: 北川弘光(シップ&オーシャン財団)
・油流出事故に関する法制と保障: 畠山武道(北大法学部)
・流出事故の危険と課題: 佐伯浩(北大工学部)

・氷海中の油拡散特性: 泉山 耕(海上技術安全研究所)
・ESIマップについて: 濱田誠一(北海道地質研究所)
・油処理剤等の環境影響、バイオによる油防除実験報告: 牧秀明(国立環境研究所)
・流出油の漂流特性: 大塚夏彦(北日本港湾コンサルタント)

・回収体制と対応,これまでの経緯,参加者からの質疑に応答: 村瀬克史(第一管区海上保安本部) 
・漁業者の立場から発言、参加者からの質疑に応答: 北村吉雄(網走漁協)
・サハリンエナジー渉外広報担当との会合報告、参加者からの質疑に応答: 神崎 尚美(国際環境NGO)
・野鳥への影響: 大館 和弘(紋別郵便局)
・動物への影響: 水野 文子(北大獣医学部)