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Submission Information 2022 

General Information for OSPOR

(July 2021)
for OSPOR Vol. 6 (2022)

1. Aims and Scope  
  Okhotsk Sea and Polar Oceans Research (OSPOR) is published by the Okhotsk Sea and Polar Oceans Research Association (OSPORA).
  Since 1986 the Okhotsk Sea and Cold Ocean Research Association (OSCORA) has held the International Symposium at Mombetsu, Hokkaido, in Japan every February and has released its proceedings over 35 years. In 2017 OSCORA changed to     OSPORA, because the Symposium scope was broadened to include the polar oceans (the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans), the Arctic passages, global warming, and environmental change in Polar Regions.
  OSPORA started a reviewed papers system from the 2017 Symposium. The papers are refereed by multiple reviewers, published in the proceedings of the Symposium with a title of ‘Article’ or ‘Review’, and opened on the OSPOR web site.
2. Subjects covered by OSPOR

    • 1) Environment of Okhotsk Sea
    • 2) Meteorology and oceanography in polar regions
    • 3) Cold region engineering
    • 4) Arctic sea routes
    • 5) Global warming and environment change
    • 6) Remote sensing
    • 7) Snow, ice and human life
    • 8) Other topics about Okhotsk Sea and Polar Oceans

3. Editorial Policy of OSPOR
  We intend to publish three types of papers;
     1) Article, containing original scientific materials and results, not submitted for publication elsewhere,
     2) Review, containing an overview of previous activities, projects and workshops with an outlook of a specific category.
     Each of them will be peer-reviewed.
4. Editorial Board
   Period: August 2020 - August 2022
   Editor-in-Chief: Hiromitsu Kitagawa (Ocean Policy Research Foundation, Japan)
   Editors: Hajo Eicken (University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA)

    •       Hiroyuki Enomoto (National Research Institute of Polar Researches, Japan)
            Yutaka Michida (University of Tokyo, Japan)
            Humio Mitsudera (Hokkaido University, Japan)
            Koji Shimada (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan)
            Shuhei Takahashi (Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido, Japan)
            Hajime Yamaguchi (National Institute of Polar Research, Japan)

5. OSPOR website
   Temporal website: http://okhotsk-mombetsu.jp/okhsympo/top-index.html
   E-mail: momsys@okhotsk-mombetsu.jp