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International Photo Exhibition on Okhotsk Sea and Polar Oceans 2020, Mombetsu

Photo Exhibition Cooperated with the 35th International Symposium on Okhotsk Sea & Polar Oceans 2020

    This photo exhibition is unique exhibition. The photographs were taken by the participants of the 35th International Symposium on Okhotsk Sea & Sea Ice at Mombetsu on February in 2020.
    The photo places spread out in the world cold regions, as Okhotsk area, the Arctic Ocean, and Greenland. The photos have comments which explain the back ground of photos sometimes about global warming and environment changes.
    Enjoy the beautiful scenery in cold regions, and understand how the sea ice observations are done by scientists and how the global changes appeared in the cold regions.
Director of Symposium Shuhei TAKAHASHI

Director of Symposium Shuhei TAKAHASHI

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The number is the located position of the taking the picture.

(1)A friend coming from a distance,
it must be fun again
Takao Nakajin   [ Mombetsu ]
(2)  Mirage across the Soya Strait 
Yuko Ashida and Takashi Ishikawa
(3) Gold and Methane came from the Past
Renat B. Shakirov
[Japan Sea]
(4) Snow study in Sakhalin
Valentina Lobkina
(5) Paradise in Okhotsk Sea
Olga Mukhametova
(6) Icebergs in the fjord at the southern tip of Greenland
Takehiko Mikami [Greenland]
(7) Iceland, where earth's breath can be felt
Ami Yoshida
(8) Ice strength test (Svalbard, Svea)
Junji Sawamura
(9)  Sea ice in Belgium?!
Gaston R. DEMARÉE:
(10) Nizhny Novgorod
Vitaly Kuzin
[Nizhny Novgorod, Russia]
(11) Ice-breaking LNG ship in the Arctic Ocean
Shiro Izumi
[Barents Sea]
(12) In the Northern North Sea
Artem Vlasov
[Kara Sea]
(13) Divide of Arctic and Okhotsk areas
Shuhei Takahashi
[Eastern Siberia]
(14) Avalanche research in Chukotka
Aleksandra Muzychenko
(15) MIRAI in the Chukchi Sea
Atsuyoshi Manda and Taku Mitsui
[Chukchi Sea]
(16) Permafrost drilling around Utqiagvik (Barrow) coast
Go Iwahana   [Alaska]
(17) Sea Ice Observation in Saroma-ko Lagoon
Tomonori Tanikawa and Takahiro Toyoda
[Lake Saroma]
(18) Underwater Acoustic Test on Ice in Lake Saroma
Shingo Yoshizawa  [Lake Saroma]
(19) Hunting small creatures and under floating ice by using UAVs
Kanichiro Matsumura   [Lake Saroma]
(20) Sea ice observation in the Symposium period
Noriaki Kimura  [East Hokkaido, Lake Saroma]
(21) Thermal ice ridge phenomenon
Akio Toukairin
[Lake Kussharo]
(22) Spray icing and spray icicle of Lake Kusshyaro
Akio Toukairin   [Lake Kussharo]