Instruction for a manuscript 2022


Template 1a ・・・・・for numbered chapters (within 4 pages) 
Template 1b ・・・・・for un-numbered chapters (within 4 pages) 
Template 2 ・・・・・・for Short version abstract (1-2pages)

[ for the Manuscript and Presentation ]
36th Mombetsu Symposium, 2022, "Online Academic Session".

(1) The size of the manuscript is A4.
(2) Make a final manuscript in English including the figure and the table within 4 pages .

  You can see the information for the manuscript production format on the
"Sample & Template"
(3) As for the font, a title is made in 14 points, and the sentences are around 10 to 11 points.
(4) Set up the space of the manuscript at top 30 mm, bottom make a margin is 25 mm, 18 mm to the left or right. And print out to black and white.
(5) Don't put the number of pages in the manuscript.
(6) Make a file in PDF format.
(7) Send a manuscript in E-mail to us by January 11, 2022.
(8) The time for your oral presentation has 20 minutes including the question and answer.
   We will inform you about the scientific program (time table), Zoom URL, and points to note when holding Zoom later.